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Greece is a beautiful land, surrounded by a sea with plenty of islands. It is among the best destinations for your summer holidays… but maybe you rarely heard about the Diapondia Islands.

Othonoi, Erikousa and Mathraki are three small islands located north westerly of Corfu island, at the border between Adriatic and Ionian sea, in front of Albanian riviera and of Salento peninsula. They are so near to Southern Italy that sometime you can see them from the Italian coast and we could call them the Salento islands!

The 44 miles that separate them from the south eastern part of Apulia (called Salento) are not such a big distance, especially when you discover how easy it is to get there with a RIB that allows you to cross the Otranto channel in less than 2 hours!

These islands are so fascinating because it is difficult to get there. By ferry it takes too much time (as there are no direct ferries from Italy and from Corfu it takes about 4 hours).

These islands are “boat friendly” as they are the best destination for who likes sailing. There you can spend “pure” holidays, far from any city noise and disturbance.

Daffy is the best way to get to these islands: a large, confortable and fast RIB, thanks to its powerful engines, that takes you from Otranto to Diapondia Islands even for a one day tour. A worthy experience during your stay in Salento!

We love sea and we want to share with you our passion. Sail with us across the Otranto Channel and discover these wonderful islands. During our fast sailing we may meet dolphins or sea turtles, and then you will swim in a beautiful bay and enjoy a relaxing day.

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